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Residents of Holbox demand security after string of robberies

Holbox, Q.R. — Residents of the island of Holbox resorted to protesting after a slew of robberies have left them feeling unsafe.

On Friday, residents of the island protested outside the mayor’s office demanding better security. Signatures were collected from locals who want the police and ministerial authorities to put an end to the wave of house and business thefts.

Jenny Escobedo, administrator of the Golden Paradise hotel, said that although they have reported being robbed several times, the authorities do not take any action.

“I hope that now they do take action on the matter because the public could take other more drastic measures that can affect the image of Holbox,” she said.

In the height of high season, she said robberies are occurring almost every day, mostly in the early hours when people are sleeping.

Due to a lack of budget, the Attorney General’s Office in Holbox was shut down several months ago which now forces people to lodge complaints in Kantunilkín, which residents say, only stays on paper.