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Residents claim lack of garbage removal now a health problem

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – The residents of colony Julio 28 are filing complaints for lack of sanitary streets claiming public services have become poor.

Residents of the area say that the city garbage trucks do not service the streets on a regular basis and are therefore accusing the city of providing poor public services. They say their streets have become a source for infection and disease due to the large amounts of uncollected solid waste.

The alderman of Servicios Públicos, Carlos Dzib Magaña, commented that the manager in charge of complaints went to the area of Bella Vista in a timely manner, where complaints were being made. He said he was unaware that there were issues in Julio 28, but that a visit will be scheduled.

He also said that he maintains close contact with the Department of Public Services, who are responsible for this, and has verified that units provide service to the general public in a “formal and daily way.”

Yet, residents of July 28 say that the garbage trucks do not pass by their area very often to collect solid waste, which not only causes a foul odor, but has also become a public health problem.

Solidaridad mayor said that, “We all pay taxes and therefore all we have to give them the service.”

According to City Hall, figures show that Solidaridad has 60 garbage collection units to cover different areas of the city, including Puerto Aventuras.

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