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Researches say Cancun destined to become a condo city

Cancun, Q.R. — A recent report by the Universidad del Caribe (Unicaribe) predicts the city of Cancun will become a condominium destination.

The study by researchers from Unicaribe compared similar beach destinations including Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico to that of Cancun. In their report, they say the future of Cancun is to become a condominium city and that investors should orientate in that direction.

The results of their findings were presented during a research seminar where they said their goal was to learn more and understand the city’s commercial activities on all scales along the beaches of the Caribbean islands.

When presenting the results, they explained their initiative to investigate tourist businesses on beaches arose from a multidisciplinary study of the academic body, from the legal, symbolic and commercial aspects.

Part of their report showed that when comparing Cancun to Dominican Republic, a destination that is older than Cancun, Cancun already outpaces areas such as Punta Cana in the way of hotels. Cancun, they report, has 62 hotels while Punta Cana has 18 and San Juan Puerto Rico, only seven.

Unicaribe researchers commented that Cancun will become populated with condominiums and second homes to weekend residents, adding that factors such as “speed and diversification will depend on legislation and the permits that are authorized to develop this new market segment and diversify it.”

“Comparing ourselves with other tourist destinations will serve as a mirror to know where we are going and where we are coming from in order to make assertive decisions on productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in the tourism sector.”