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Rescued dolphin remains in intensive care

Cancun, Q.R. — A young dolphin was rescued last week off  the shores of Isla Mujeres. Veterinarians from Dolphin Discovery found the mammal in distress and took it to nearby facilities.

Roberto Sánchez Okrucry, head of veterinarians at Dolphin Discovery, said the male mammal appears to have an infection, possibly gastroenteritis. The dolphin has refused food for two days, so is being fed intravenously and has shown slight improvement.

Veterinarians at Dolphin Discovery continue to perform tests to find the cause of his illness.

“Today we performed an ultrasound because we were concerned that he had gastric ulcers, but that came back negative so we’re looking to see if he has kidney stones, which are very common in this type of Cetaceans,” explained Sánchez Okrucry.

The young male dolphin was noted as being extremely dehydrated when rescued and remains in intensive care.


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