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Reports emerge that devices found on Barcos Caribe were explosive

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A report by Noticieros Televisa says that the explosion on the Barcos Caribe ferry February 21 in Playa del Carmen was the result of an explosive device.

The news station says that federal sources reported that the explosion that occurred on Barcos Caribe February 21 was caused by an artifact and not by accident due to mechanical failure of the ferry or by the accumulation of fuel.

Authorities of the Navy and the Criminal Investigation Agency of the Attorney General’s Office found elements that prove the existence of an explosive device on the ferry.

Carlos Loret de Mola of the television station reported that “Federal sources with access to the first results of the investigation who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said they found pieces of brown cardboard with a cylindrical shape and along with an explosive charge, there were five cardboard cartridges and a yellow wire connected to them,” he explained.

He added that what was found had the elements of a homemade explosive, explaining that in the affected ferry seats located in rows M, N and O, glued shrapnel and impregnated explosive dusts were discovered.

The televised report said that the artifact found on the Cozumel Barcos Caribe ferry days later was more sophisticated as determined by the PGR, and in this case, was detonable by remote control.

El Universal columnist Raúl Rodríguez Cortés, has reported that security footage from the February 21 Barcos Caribe explosion has already been reviewed and that it could be “the key evidence that it was a self-inflicted attack”.

According to Rodríguez Cortés, the video is part of the evidence given to the Criminal Investigation Agency by the Quintana Roo attorney’s office. In it, one of the owners of the shipping company, Roberto Borge Martín father of the former governor Roberto Borge Angulo along with an unidentified person who accompanied him, are seen.

He says the video shows the stranger carrying a backpack at the time of boarding the ferry in Cozumel, but when he got off in Playa del Carmen, he no longer had it. Borge Martín is seen leaving the boat hastily, confirmed Rodríguez Cortés sources who say they saw the video.