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Reparatory agreement will see 50 million returned from under Borge administration

Tuluca, Mexico — An agreement has been reached between a previous Borge administration figure and the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit for the reimbursement of more than 50 million peso.

The Attorney General of the Republic reached a reparatory agreement of immediate compliance for 50 million peso in favor of the Tax Administration Service for resources that, according to the federal government, were diverted during the administration of Roberto Borge as governor of Quintana Roo.

Derived from a complaint filed by the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit against Juan Melquiades Vergara Fernández, the investigation was part of a specialized unit in the Investigation of Operations with Resources of Illegal Origin and Counterfeit of Currency for the crime of money laundering.

According to investigations by the Special Prosecutor’s Office in Investigation of Organized Crime, Melquiades allegedly laundered 50 million peso.

Through the facilitator of Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms of the PGR Delegation in Toluca, State of Mexico, both parties voluntarily signed an agreement that will see the reimbursement of funds.