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Regional honey harvest begins

Riviera Maya, Q.R. – The regional honey harvest has begun in the more than 8,000 hives throughout the Riviera Maya zone.

Tulum Beekeeper Association president Alfredo May Chulim explains the outlook is encouraging. “It is the most abundant flowering that has occurred in the harvest of beekeeping. Each hive produces approximately 12 kilos and we expect rain during the middle of this month that will give the full production that we expect.”

Beekeeping in the southern part of the state (into the Maya Zone) is the liveliest activity for locals, beating out agriculture and livestock. About 364 families rely on honey harvests as their sole means of income. Between those 364 beekeepers, there are 8,664 hives.

Honey from the state of Quintana Roo is exported around the world. Over the past five years, Mexico has averaged approximately 57,000 tons of honey per year. However, in 2015, 61,881 tones was produced, making the country the sixth largest producer in the world and the third leading exporter. Principal export markets for Mexican honey include Germany, the US, the UK, Saudi Arabia and Belgium.

In the nation there are 42,000 beekeepers that operate 1.9 million hives. Honey harvest along the Riviera Maya and Maya Zone region extends into the first week of April.

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