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Recent electrical blackouts in Playa del Carmen due to wire theft

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The recent power blackouts around Playa del Carmen were due to copper theft, says the Federal Electricity Commission.

Numerous subdivisions of the city of Playa del Carmen were left in the dark late Friday night and early Saturday morning. The Federal Electricity Commission says the blackouts that swept through many parts of the city was due to copper theft in their low voltage lines.

“On August 17, 2018 with a time of 00:15, there was a failure due to vandalism of copper theft in a medium voltage register located on 28 de Julio Avenue, which damaged the underground distribution cable that fed the Tuscan, Natura, Real Forest and Mission del Carmen subdivisions” said Rafael López Montejo, superintendent of the CFE in Riviera Maya.

The copper theft affected other zones of the city including 28 of Julio, Villamar I and Real del Sol, where some were left without electricity throughout the night and into the morning.

“To reduce these instances, we are installing a copper-aluminum alloy in new projects to avoid constant thefts and existing facilities are being patrolled where you have copper,” explained Rafael Lopez.

CFE personnel had the replacement wires functioning by noon with electricity restored to all the affected areas of Playa del Carmen.