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Real time webcams show sargassum updates on Cancun, Riviera Maya beaches

Cancun, Q.R. — Although the sargasso has not been a factor in travel decisions for its clients, Best Day says there are live webcams for beaches in Cancun and Riviera Maya to show real time sargasso updates.

Julián Balbuena, president of the Board of Directors of Best Day Travel Group says that to date, the sargasso has not been a differential factor in the purchasing decisions of its customers. However, to help them see the real day-to-day situation of the beaches that they want to visit, there are real time cameras in popular areas.

Balbuena said that the sargassum is being attended to, and although it requires constant work, to date its presence is not a differential factor in the vacation decision, nor a topic that the call center says is of major concern for its travelers.

He explained that for those who do want to see a specific beach or area before making a booking, Webcams de Mexico offers real time video of beaches and cities all over the country. For those considering a vacation, they can check the beach first before making a decision.

“We have just begun the low season period, but we had a growth rate of 12 percent compared to 2017. We are progressing with respect to reservations toward the end of the year by 17 percent and now, we are at 75 percent,” he said regarding his figures so far this year.

He says there were less US visitors this year, which he saw reflected in his receptive business model, explaining, that while the figure for US visitors “has not grown, it is sustained without detecting a decline while other sectors grew at small rates.”