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Real Estate trends in Playa del Carmen ranks third in Mexico

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. —  Real estate sales in Quintana Roo are consistent, with the state coming in third place nationally reports Lamundi at AMPI Playa del Carmen.

During the recent La Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios (AMPI) Real Estate Forum, commercial director of Lamudi, Raquel Ortega Dzul Navarrete, says that digital marketing is a huge trend in real estate for Quintana Roo.

She explained that her company produces an annual report on real estate trends, pointing out that according to the volume of properties listed in the state of Quintana Roo online, it marks a trend and occupies third place at a national level following only Mexico City and Nuevo León.

“In Quintana Roo, the boom is the residential real estate sector because although the destination is considered tourist, which implies that there is development in infrastructure, we still do not see the heads of commercial or corporate properties. Obviously we see a boom in land sales, but the top is still residential,” she explained.

In the case of Playa del Carmen she reported that the city has about 8,000 real estate properties online listed for sale and that in general, “there is an interesting mix of offers aimed at the foreign market, especially the residential segment.”

She says, “We see great diversification in Playa del Carmen. If I go to the price parameters, we have apartments for sale, for example, from 250,000 peso up to 8 million peso. That tells you about the huge range of housing in the region, which is number one in terms of development and growth.”

According to Raquel Ortega, it is common to see Americans and Europeans interested in the destination, but that recently, an interest has been unleashed by the Asian region. “Those interested in investing here are specifically Chinese. This is due to the efforts of the government to attract investments in a more industrial or perhaps technological way.”

She says in her opinion, those ties that have been created with the Chinese encourages them to want to explore beyond the business opportunity and look toward the real estate sector.

“This curious trend, we have seen it in the last year and is not one we had seen in previous years, even when it was not very clear who the market was that was most interested in this destination. It was clear that Americans were in the top and then Europeans,” she explained adding that there are still no figures on how much the Chinese are buying, but what can be seen is that over the next two or three years, they will have a great impact on the local real estate market.

“If we compare, for example, figures with the tourism sector, the Asian market is third place in Playa del Carmen in terms of spenders and I do not think that for the real estate sector this will be different. Although I do not have the exact data, I would place it in a similar trend with real estate,” she noted.

Lamudi is an online real estate marketplace with operations in 34 countries with headquarters in Berlin, Germany and officces throughout Mexico.