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Real estate agents selling without licenses will be sanctioned, warn officials

Cancun, Q.R. — The Real Estate Council of Quintana Roo says that beginning February 2018, agents selling real estate without the proper accreditation will be sanctioned.

A meeting between the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals, the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism and the Mexican Association of the Real Estate Industry along with the Secretariat of Sustainable Urban Territorial Development has agreed that it is necessary for all agents to be in compliance with the rules starting 2018.

In order to buy and sell real estate in the state of Quintana Roo, agents will need to comply with the Law of Provision of Real Estate Services published on July 6, 2014 in the Official Journal of the State Government.

Carlos González Pacheco, Undersecretary of Housing says, “This Act is intended to give order to the provision of real estate services in Quintana Roo and with the birth of this law is created the registration and accreditation of real estate advisors in the state.”

Carlos González explained that this accreditation and registration, granted by SEDETUS, is necessary in compliance with the Law, which is why they work with these associations. He explained that in Quintana Roo there are unofficially more than 1,500 real estate service providers.

“Currently we have registered only 351 applications, in the past administration there were registered 99 advisers”.

“In 2017, 140 more registrations and accreditation certificates were granted, which equates to 239 consultants registered and accredited by the state. While this figure reflects an increase of 58 percent, only about 16 percent of agents buying and selling real estate in Quintana Roo are accredited.”

Carlos González says that beginning February, SEDETUS will begin verification of licenses and accreditation. The Act will be applied to real estate advisors, and those found to be not in compliance will be sanctioned and need to undergo the administrative process to be regularized.

Until they are accredited, they will be prohibited from providing real estate services and sanctioned, which can range from a warning to denial of accreditation to a financial penalty that could reach 75,000 peso.

Alejandra Serrano Benítez, President of AMPI Cancun, invites all real estate advisors to join the association, who she says, has agreements with the UQRoo and SEDETUS, as well as with developers and companies who favor affiliates.