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Ready and united are PAN and PRD for Benito Juárez

Cancun, Q.R. — With the objective of working in a coordinated manner, president of the Municipal Steering Committee of PAN, Eduardo Pacho Gallegos, endorsed his commitment to unity and respect in the coalition Por Quintana Roo al Frente.

In a press conference, the municipal leader of Acción Nacional in Benito Juárez argued that the internal negotiations between the PRD, MC and PAN were forged in the necessary conditions of equity between the three parties, specifying a solid and winning coalition.

“I congratulate the work of equity between the parties, our state leader Juan Carlos Pallares and Jorge Aguilar of the PRD who achieved a balanced agreement, so we are stronger than ever.”

Eduardo Pacho endorsed his commitment to the leader of the Sol Azteca, Jorge Aguilar, to push the candidate elected to the race on July 1, while working for the same benefit as the coalition.

For his part, Jorge Aguilar acknowledged the positioning of PAN in Quintana Roo as the party with the greatest acceptance in the last elections, so that the strategy for this Electoral Day is ahead of the other coalitions.

Both made known the importance of the counterweight, PRD and PAN within the council to turn decisions in favor of citizens, based on the review of public accounts.

Pacho Gallegos considered successful the union and four regidurías for the blue and white, while the mayor and four more regidurías will be for the PRD.