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Ramps, combis for the disabled in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The government of Solidarity has built ramps around Playa del Carmen for the disabled and those with special needs.

Government officials have added 35 access ramps toPlaya del Carmen sidewalks to assist those who are visually impaired and those in wheelchairs. The new infrastructure will also be helpful to those with young children in strollers.

The newly implemented access ramps have an eight-degree slope and are two meters long.

Along with 35 access ramps, the city has put into place five public combi vans made specifically for those with disabilities. The five public disability vans are from both the municipality of Solidaridad and private initiative.

According to State Secretariat of Labor and Social Security (STyPS), during a recent job fair, more than 40 companies including hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, tourist parks, department stores and microenterprises offer employment jobs for people with disabilities.