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Quintana Roo sees spike in reported dengue fever cases

Cancun, Q.R. – The state of Quintana Roo has seen a sharp increase in the number of dengue fever cases during the first half of this year.

A recent report from José Bolio Rosado, director of the General Hospital in Playa del Carmen, showed a 50 percent decrease in dengue fever cases in Solidaridad, but as a whole, the state continues to see an increase.

Statistics from the Ministry of Health show a steady increase of dengue with 235 cases reported from January to June of 2014 to 335 cases reported during the same timeframe this year.

“During this surge in dengue we have 100 cases more than 2014, and are trying to reduce the incidence during the rainy season,” said Juan Ortegón Pacheco, Secretary of Health in the state.

Ortegón Pacheco explains that fumigation practices are being increased in various parts of the city, especially in the subdivisions where the presence of Vector fumigators is sometimes low or completely absent.

Neighboring subdivisions such as Balam Tun, Real Ibiza, Los Olivos, Bamboo and Punta Estrella, among others, are not eligible for fogging because they are private places. Internal administrations are responsible for ensuring fumigation is carried out.

However, Daniel Naal Calderon, head of Vector, explained that the areas with the highest dengue incidences are the subdivisions or neighborhoods where cleaning habits are lacking. These areas pose a greater risk of breeding the mosquitoes that transmit dengue.

“They are spraying in all priority areas (…) there are three types of mosquitoes, Aedes aegypti, Anopheles and Culex, the latter not being a dengue concern apparently, but still, people must be careful. The only way to reduce these mosquitoes is to keep patios free from debris and garbage where they can breed.

This year there have been two reported cases of chikungunya, one in Cancun and one in Chetumal. 

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