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Quintana Roo PAN Party candidates enter political race

While registration for the National Action Party (PAN) has come and gone candidates such as Zuriko Bracamonte and Luz Fabiola Garcia Ballesteros for District 01; Mahmud José Chnaid Novelo for District 02 and Christopher Castillo and Joel Espinoza Moreno for District 03 managed to register on time. Carlos Güemez was also expected to register as a candidate but experienced issues that saw him miss the 7:00 pm deadline.

Miguel Ángel Martínez Castillo, coordinator of the Commission on Elections in Quintana Roo, reported that each applicant’s documents has been reviewed for the upcoming January 9 issue for the corresponding declarations. Castillo said that once the candidates are approved, applicants may initiate internal pre-campaigning, which runs from  January 10 to February 18 under the National Electoral Institute (INE).

He explained that on February 22, more than 2,000 polling stations will be set up in each of the 10 municipalities of Quintana Roo where the public will be able to cast their vote. He also said that José Chnaid Novelo is the only candidate registered for District 02.

Poll results will be announced on the same day.

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