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Quintana Roo governor meets to endorse Por México al Frente

Mexico City, Mexico — The governor of Quintana Roo, Carlos Joaquín González, met with the president of the National Executive Committee of the Party of the Democratic Revolution, Manuel Granados Covarrubias and Quintana Roo lawyer, Jorge Aguilar Osorio, to endorse his support for the Por México al Frente coalition.

The meeting was held in the offices of the CEN of the PRD in Mexico City where the national and state leaders met with the president of Quintana Roo, who expressed support for the alliance.

Aguilar Osorio said that they chose as candidates the best men and women to contend in the 2017-2018 electoral process, “those citizens willing to serve the Quintana Roo people.”

He recalled that the party approved, at the state level, to open 50 percent of the candidacies that correspond to external citizens since the objective is to have the best candidates join the national project.

“It was a friendly and pleasant talk we had with the governor in which we addressed different issues from government affairs and elections, to the issue of former governor Roberto Borge Angulo, for whom the party demands the full weight of the law and that pays the patrimonial damage that it caused to the state,” he said.

Aguilar Osorio noted that national leader Manuel Granados also committed to support from the National Committee, the public policies promoted by the government of Carlos Joaquín in the fight against poverty, corruption and care for the environment.

Also that through the federal deputies of the PRD, that the assignment of greater resources for the state is achieved and that they be destined to work for the benefit of the Quintana Roo.

Joaquín González added that this weekend they will formally present, before the Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo (Ieqroo), the coalition with National Action and Citizen Movement whose coalition agreement will define the spaces that will correspond to each political party.