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Quintana Roo among most peaceful states in Mexico

Cancun, Q.R. – A new study finds the state of Quintana Roo to be among the most 10 peaceful in the country.

A report by Instituto para la Economía y la Paz (Institute for Economics and Peace) shows that over the past year, the level of peace throughout Mexico deteriorated by 4.3 percent. The Mexico Peace Index, which is produced annually by the Institute for Economics and Peace, showed a decline in peacefulness for the first time since the war on drugs began in 2012. On the flip side, the report shows that the rate of violent crime fell for the fifth year in a row, dropping 9.2 percent in 2016.

Last year, the homicide rate in the country rose 18 percent and the use and availability of firearms increased, resulting in an overall less peaceful MPI score.

The 2016 deterioration in peacefulness led to an estimated additional economic impact of 79 billion pesos, driving the yearly total to 3.07 trillion pesos. This is equivalent to 17.6 percent of Mexico’s GDP or 25,130 pesos per capita, which is more than one month of income for the average Mexican worker. In some states, the impact is much higher such as in Colima where it is nearly 66,500 pesos.

The report found Yucatán to be the most peaceful state in Mexico last year, followed by Nayarit, Tlaxcala, Hidalgo and Coahuila.

The state of Guerrero was Mexico’s least peaceful for the fourth year in a row followed by Colima, Sinaloa, Baja California and Baja California Sur. Mexico’s northern region, along the border with the United States, is the least peaceful of the five regions.

The full analysis of Mexico’s peacefulness shows mixed results. On one hand the nationwide peace score deteriorated in 2016, mainly because of the increase in homicides. On the other hand progress has been made in structural reform. Despite the deterioration in the 2016 score, Mexico remained nearly 14 percent more peaceful in 2016 than in 2011, with improvements being recorded in 21 out of 32 states.

The violent crime rate is at a 14-year low and the homicide rate is 16 percent lower than in 2011. Organized crime related offenses reached a 10 year low, having returned to pre-drug war levels. The rate of crimes committed with a firearm was 10 percent lower than in 2011, although recent trends show an increase in the purchase of guns.

According to the Íncide de paz Mexico report, Nayarit, Durango, Coahuila, Quintana Roo and Chihuahua have had the largest improvements in peacefulness over the last six years while Colima, Baja California Sur, Zacatecas, Oaxaca and Michoacán have shown the largest deteriorations.


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