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Quiero Taxi hoping to become Cancun’s Uber


Cancun, Q.R. – The Cancun taxi union, Andrés Quintana Roo, announced their intention to jump-start an application to create Quiero Taxi (I Want Taxi), a service similar to that of the car service company, Uber.

Quiero Taxi immediately hit several legal issues, one of which being no-plate taxis are illegal in the state of Quintana Roo according to the Transportation Act. The other is the lack of regulation on such services.

Pedro Flota Alcocer, president of the Gran Comisión del Congreso de Quintana Roo, confirmed that although there is no news in regard to Uber arriving in the state, they are attempting to place regulations on such car services because up to now, there is no law prohibiting contracted transportation services from the Internet.

Flota Alcocer said that Quintana Roo is a state that continually receives visitors from all over the world who are accustomed to this type of car service. He explained that regulation should be placed on knowing who is providing the services to ensure they carry insurance among other things.

Another issue in the works is the application. The new Quiero Taxi idea runs on an application designed by a company in Queretaro. After launching the application, it turns out the app has unresolved issues with iPhone users, namely frequently showing zero available cars in the area when in fact, there are cars available.

Currently, hiring transportation services via the Internet is not covered by state transportation laws, but such services are becoming part of the regulatory framework in the event they enter the market and generate competition to transport tourists from hotels and airports.

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