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Quebec government could invoke closure on controversial Bill 10

It’s possible that the Quebec Government will press for closure of its controversial Bill 10 as early as this week.

The controversial bill would see the merge of more than 100 social and health services into 33 large structures.

Health Minister, Gaétan Barrette, continues to argue that the Parti Québécois opposition is purposefully blocking the bill, one of the pillars of his healthcare reform.

Barrette told reporters that after 75 hours of debate, MNAs have gone through about 16 percent of the bill and that, “It is not my responsibility to invoke closure.

“It’s a decision that can be made only by the leader and the Premier.”

The closure he refers to is the parlimantary procedure of fast tracking the adoption of a bill. The last time such a process was exercised was in December 2013, by the PQ to shut down the mining debate. “It is perfectly anti-democratic,” said Québec Solidaire spokesperson Françoise David.

The Coalition Avenir Quebec suggested the Liberals may push the bill through to balance their books and make room for Bill 20, another controversial piece of legislation forcing doctors to meet a patient quota or risk losing a significant portion of their pay.

CAQ MNA François Paradis said, “Obviously, he wants to go quickly,” however, in a press conference, the College of Physicians in Montreal said that the Health Minister “needs to stop bulldozing and start explaining.”

PQ MNA Diane Lamarre said, “He doesn’t say anything to us, you know. We ask him to be more transparent, more collaborative.”

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