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Punta Esmeralda sees increase in drowning risk

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – The need for emergency officials at Punta Esmeralda has increased to an average of three times per month.

According to officials, the popular centoe attracts a lot of people and has heightened the risk of drowning. Jesus Puc Pat, municipal coordinator of Civil Protection, says that the cenote is used mostly by Playa del Carmen locals and that there is only one lifeguard on duty for the beach.

Approximately three times per month, there is the need for emergency officials for kids who are not monitored closely enough. In April of this year, a minor died from drowning in the cenote over an Easter holiday.

He explains that while the lifeguard is busy in the watchtower monitoring the beach area, he loses sight of those swimming in the cenote behind him.

Puc Pat says that he intends to have signs placed in the areas where people can see the risk of using the cenote as well as increasing the lifeguard zone if someone in the cenote is in need of first air.

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