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Puerto Morelos undergoes road work reconstruction

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — New road work has been implemented for the town of Puerto Morelos with more than 60 percent being recovered.

Today, Puerto Morelos provides a renewed, safer and cleaner image for its population, announced municipal president Laura Fernández Piña. With the recovery of streets and avenues, more than 60 percent throughout the municipality has been repaired.

“We know that there is still work to be done, but the fact is that the joint work of Public Utilities and Public Works has been overwhelming. Having patched arteries that needed repair or repaved included roads like Zetina Gasca and Chacá Street in municipal head, she said.

She noted that the newly repaired streets provide better circulation and safety for drivers, and also improves the image for residents and tourism. She also noted that during the reconstruction of the streets, several new absorption wells were added while others cleaned to lessen flooding and street damage during heavy rains.

The works will continue to be carried out in the streets and avenues of Puerto Morelos, Central Vallarta and Leona Vicario.

“There is an intense repaving program in the urban area of the municipality, however, we are waiting for the release of resources, which amounts to about 43 million pesos so we can begin with the work that is necessary. Prior to these works, it was necessary to implement the emerging bacheo program (street rehabilitation program by the secretary of infrastructure),” she added.

Fernández Piña stressed that with the support of the State Government and the Federation, Puerto Morelos is being transformed to provide a better quality of life for the inhabitants and provide an excellent image to the thousands of tourists who visit the destination each year.

She said that the remodeling of the Old Town of Puerto Morelos will give greater identity to the Pueblo con Encanto. “It will not lose its essence of being a place that provides tranquility to its visitors and settlers. We will eliminate the visual pollution caused by the aerial wiring of electricity, telephony and private television,” she added.

Luis Cardena Peña, director of Public Services, explained that the recent rains have caused slight delays the emerging bacheo program, which is being resumed to meet the goal to reconstruct various points of the municipality.