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Puerto Morelos tourism officials goal: to be straw free

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — A campaign is being initiated to see the eventual elimination of straws in facilities in and around Puerto Morelos.

Hector Tamayo Sánchez, director of tourism for Puerto Morelos, says it’s time Puerto Morelos followed the in the steps of others with a better environmental culture.

“We want to replicate the campaign that was launched in Cancun, so these days I am holding meeting with with the head of tourism in Benito Juárez to make a cooperation of ideas. We must start to raise awareness to all of the services we have,” he said.

Tamayo Sánchez says they will start with restaurants, which are big users of straws as well as hotels, explaining why straws are harmful to the environment and to train wait-staff to pass along the knowledge to customers who request straws. Customers will not be denied straws, but will be given a choice on whether to use them or not.

“If you have the opportunity to make this choice and not to use a plastic straw, this can help keep this item off our beaches and raise awareness on plastic in the ocean,” says Jenna Jambeck, University of Georgia engineering professor.

The goal is to make service centers aware of the problem and have people rethink the use of the straw, understanding the drastic impact straw consumption has globally.

Puerto Morelos is home to 14 large hotels in addition to 41 small lodges and 61 restaurants and bars, all of which offer straws to their customers.