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Puerto Morelos to convert to underground power system

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — A new agreement between the municipality of Puerto Morelos and the Federal Electricity Commission will see the conversion of overhead power lines.

Local entrepreneurs are celebrating the signing of an agreement made by the municipal president Laura Fernández Piña with the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) for the conversion of the network of power lines from overhead to underground in the Old Town portion of Puerto Morelos.

Businessman Emilio Muñoz Vado said that the two main benefits of the new agreement will be improved safety and the beautification of the urban image.

“Safety is the main area that is being solved including the maintenance and continuity of the power service. Occasionally, climate issues affect the distribution network or the wiring and causes a drop in supply as well as accidents,” he explained.

He also pointed out that due to the economic and business growth experienced by the young municipality, a restructuring in the electricity supply network is necessary.

“The planning from many years ago was not what is occurring today in the destination. Now, we have a greater number of restaurants, shops and houses, therefore, the electric requirements are different and this restructuring is necessary to provide the continuity of electric service to the population, ” he added.

Munoz Vado says that the new agreement is the beginning of an integrated effort with other projects that will hopefully begin soon so the people can see the Old town with all the improvements.

Other business owners see the project as a solution to the constant blackouts suffered by those in the Old Town of Puerto Morelos saying the agreement is beneficial in providing a more functional and safer underground system.