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Puerto Morelos reports increase of visitors to seaside town

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Puerto Morelos has seen a steady increase in visitors this year with a significant rise in tourists during the third quarter of the year.

Puerto Morelos municipal president, Laura Fernandez Piña reports that the seaside town has seen a 12.5 percent growth of tourists during this third quarter compared to the same time last year. She says that the growth helps better position the town in both the national and international tourism markets.

From July to September of 2016, statistics show Puerto Morelos hosted 177,172 visitors during the three-month summer season. This year, Puerto Morelos saw 202,507 tourists take in the summer season to enjoy the quaintness and natural beauty it offers.

“Our town manages to win over the tourists who visit us, who often become the main promoters for the places they visit,” she said.

“Today we can talk about our brand becoming increasingly positioned in markets such as the East Coast of the United States,” she added.

Laura Fernández commented that the percentage of average hotel occupancy grew in the period from January to September from 79 percent in 2016 to 84.5 percent in 2017.

The figures are based on a study of the tourists of Puerto Morelos, which is prepared by the Secretariat of Tourism (Sedetur) of Quintana Roo, through the company Marketing Consultants.

“The United States continues to be our main source of tourists with 50.3 percent of the 200,000 being American,” she noted.

Laura Fernández said that “National tourism accounted for 16.8 percent and Canada and Europe each accounted for 15.7 percent.”

The Puerto Morelos Municipal President said that the promotion of the town will continue in national and international fairs, which attract a greater arrival of tourists.

“We are very close to the start of the winter holiday period and we are ready to receive the thousands of visitors who will leave a large economic benefit to various economic sectors of the youngest municipality in Mexico,” she said.

Héctor Tamayo Sánchez, municipal director of Tourism thanked the Sedetur for the preparation of the study of the tourist of Puerto Morelos noting they just received it and will use the information in their strategy to help promote the town as a destination point.