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Puerto Morelos has new body to regularize buildings

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — A new program implemented by the municipality of Puerto Morelos now allows building owners to regularize their properties.

The program Registra tu obra y ahorra (Register your work and save), allows building owners to catch up with their documents, says the municipal president Laura Fernandez. She says so far, they have more than 100 work records updated and in force and hope that more citizens obtain the benefits of regularizing their buildings.

Laura Fernandez Piña exolained that Registra tu obra y ahorra provides legal support to the people of Puerto Morelos to easily carry out legal procedures or dispositions on their properties before the General Directorate of Urban Development and have legal certainty on those properties with up to date documents.

She says that, “Previously there were buildings without licenses, which in the future will become a headache for landowners because any procedure such as a cession or sale, will require updated documents before the Directorate of Urban Development to prove ownership.”

Laura Fernández recalled that in April the Commission for the Admission of Directors Responsible for Construction and Correspondents (CADROC) was established, which is a professional body whose objective is to monitor the fulfillment of the attributions issued by the Construction Regulations of Puerto Morelos.

CADROC is composed of the Mexican Chamber of Construction Industry, the National Chamber of Industry Development and Housing Promotion and the Association of Civil Engineers and Architects of Puerto Morelos.

“Having our own Managers Responsible for Works and Correspondents allows us to maintain a sustainable municipality ordinance that we are building. We want to maintain our identity as a corner of Mexico in the Caribbean, which attracts new investments that in turn generate more jobs and greater quality of life for the population,” she added.