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Puerto Morelos continues to battle seagrass

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — The government of Puerto Morelos, in coordination with state and federal agencies, will continue to deal with the problem of sargazo that affects the beaches of the main destinations of Quintana Roo, said the president Municipal Laura Fernández Piña.

Fernández Piña said that with the help of municipal agencies such as the Directorate of Public Services, 20 tons of marine material are lifted every day from the beaches in order to keep Puerto Morelos sands in optimal condition and to ensure a positive image to tourists.

“It’s an arduous job in which Puerto Morelos collaborates to keep Quintana Roo as a world class destination. Everyday we carry out this work, which sometimes seem insufficient because of the large amount of sea-borne sargazo,” she explained.

While so far this year sargazo levels have not reached the same levels from two years ago, pertinent measures are continually taken to remove the grass. In a recent meeting with several governments, officials will continue to monitor the seagrass in order to obtain the proper resources to continue battling the problem.

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