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Puerto Morelos begins rehabilitation project for Ruta de los Cenotes

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — The first stone for the 10-million-peso rehabilitation project for access to the Ruta de los Cenotes was laid in Puerto Morelos.

In a press release, the mayor of Puerto Morelos Laura Fernández Piña reported that joint efforts between the municipal administration and Governor Carlos Joaquín González, have resulted in steady growth for the municipality as a successful tourist destination.

Fernández Piña announced that during a recent work tour by Joaquín González, they inaugurated the Ecological Park Punta Corcho, placing the first stone of the rehabilitation work for the access to the Route of the Cenotes.

After placing the first stone, Narcisa Herrera Montoya, president of the National Conference of Municipalities of Mexico noted that the rehabilitation to the Ruta de los Cenotes will be an investment about 10 million peso with federal participation and support of the state government.

“Puerto Morelos has grown a lot. This is a very important development, always taking care of the sustainable vocation of our municipality, and it’s good that we started it with the governor,” he said.

During the ceremony, secretary general of City Council, Miguel Ángel Zetina Cuevas, and the secretary of Public Works and Services, Ignacio Sánchez Cordero, explained that the work involves the improvement of ridges and construction of arches that will become the gateway to the road that goes to Central Vallarta and Leona Vicario where 18 ecotourism parks known as the Ruta de los Cenotes are located.

“This will be a work that reflects the sustainable development of the Ruta de los Cenotes, which is where urban growth and tourism development in our municipality is oriented,” said Sánchez Cordero.

Carlos Joaquín acknowledged the efforts of the administration of Laura Fernandez and announced a rescue program and construction of new public spaces, mainly parks, to increase leisure areas for families.