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Puerto Morelos adapts catamaran for seaweed removal

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — The government of Puerto Morelos says they are doubling efforts to ensure sargasso is removed from its beaches for the summer vacation period.

Municipality officials say over the past few days, they have seen the arrival of hundreds of tons of the seaweed on beaches. Luis Cardeña Peña, director of Public Services reported that since Tuesday, they have been utilizing a catamaran that has been adapted to collect seaweed.

Photo: Puerto Morelos City Council

The catamaran is able to collect up to one ton of seaweed before needing to be unloaded. The catamaran, along with continual manual labor, a sweeper and dump trucks, is helping city crews get rid of the unwanted grass.

Cardeña Peña explained that the work of the management personnel and workers has been titanic, along with the collaboration of fishermen and citizens in general.

“Before noon today, we had already removed 12 dump trucks of 14 meters, with sargasso,” he said.

“It is an arduous job that begins at five in the morning and concludes around six in the afternoon, because as we remove the sargasso, it is replaced by more,” the municipal official added.

Luis Cardeña noted that they receive help from the state government to combat the problem, adding that the Secretariat of Ecology and Environment has implemented a seaweed removal program for Puerto Morelos.

“We are laying the foundations to attack this problem that has come to stay. The sargasso will no longer be alien to the life of the Mexican Caribbean, and if we do not have it every year, then every two years.

“We did a boat tour a few days ago and there is a huge island of sargasso that will reach the coast, so we must be prepared,” he concluded.

In a statement, Puerto Morelos city council says the removal of the seaweed has been a huge community effort involving everyone from businesses to state authorities and private citizens.