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Puerto Aventuras to undergo millions in upgrades

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. – Municipal president Cristina Torres Gómez says the town of Puerto Aventuras will undergo an 18 million peso upgrade to several service and public works areas.

Over the next several months, the town of Puerto Aventuras will see the remodeling and extension of public lighting, remodeling of the park Tu casa Puerto Aventuras as well as upgrades to the market, municipal cemetery and paving works.

“Puerto Aventuras is also Solidarity,” she said adding “It is part of this great municipality and that is very clear for us. We work so that here begins a great economic project in which we will dignify and raise the level of this city.

“This Municipal Government has particular interest in ensuring the inequality between Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras is less and less. Puerto Aventuras has long been waiting for the benefits to arrive and despite that, you never lost hope, never lowered your arms, and today as we promised, we are here, generating equality in development, rebuilding our city, recovering our spaces.”

One of the most needed developments to the town will be its own cemetery. As it stands now, Puerto Aventuras deceased are transported and buried in Playa del Carmen. The upgrades for Puerto Aventuras are part of the Sustainable Urban Development of the Municipal Development Plan (PMD) 2016-2018.