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Puerto Aventuras says no water for more than a week

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — Residents of Puerto Aventuras say they are more than eight days without water due to failure on the part of authorities.

Antonio Hernández Marrufo

Antonio Hernández Marrufo, delegate of Puerto Aventuras, says the town is fed up with the negligence of authorities. He says that even though they have made complaints, no one supports them.

“We’re fed up, but we cannot do anything. Who do we fight against, Aguakan, CAPA?” he said adding, “If you stop paying them, they come to cut the service and then want you to pay interest and more.”

Hernández Marrufo says that Aguakan is only saying that they’re working on the problem, but without giving a real solution to the issues that the families of Puerto Aventuras are living through.

He says they have made complaints, and that the only pipes that have arrived were sent by the municipal government, not by the water commission.

Two years ago, residents of Puerto Aventuras blocked the federal highway in protest of a lack of water in the town.