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Puerto Aventuras said to lack infrastructure to be independent

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — The town of Puerto Aventuras does not have the quality of infrastructure needed to have its own mayor, says current mayor of Playa del Carmen, Cristina Torres Gómez.

Municipal president Cristina Torres Gómez said that Puerto Aventuras does not yet have the quantity or quality of services to be financially independent and have its own mayor.

“We consider that Puerto Aventuras has infrastructure, but from our perspective and from a legal perspective it needs a little more infrastructure and services to have independence.”

The desire for independence and the creation of a mayor position for Puerto Aventuras has been a request by several political groups mainly headed by Luis Fidel Parra, president of the Citizen Council of that delegation.

Fidel Parra argues says that Puerto Aventuras should have a mayor, “Undoubtedly it should be done because there are more than 20,000 people living in the town.”

After explaining why city council did not proceed with the creation of a mayor’s position, Torres Gómez indicated that in order to make that decision, serious analyzes needs to be carried out with academic institutions such as the University of Quintana Roo.

However, Erika Alonso Flores, academic director of the University of Quintana Roo says that to date, the institution has not been asked to carry out a study project for that purpose.

Puerto Aventuras is located 20 kilometers south of Playa del Carmen and remains the only delegation inside the municipality of Solidaridad after the separation of Tulum in 2008..