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Puerto Aventuras readies for new delegate elections

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — Candidates are lining up to become the next delegate for Puerto Aventuras with elections set to begin in December.

With the finalizing of a few documents, elections between the 12 interested parties will be held in which the next delegate from Puerto Aventuras will be chosen.

“We already have the convocation and once we have authorization of the Cabildo, we will make the appropriate publicity so that the community of Puerto Aventuras is aware of the mechanisms that will apply”, explained Walter Puc Novelo, general secretary of the Commune.

During a session of the Cabildo, voting for a new delegate was authorized. According to the secretary general, there are at least 12 people interested in participating, but they must register as candidates or candidates for the office of delegate.

“Until now, they are merely people with intentions, which is something that cannot be translated in an inscription,” he pointed out.

Some of those who have expressed interest are Antonio Hernandez Marrufo, Orlando Cox Tu, Tomás Flores, José Concepción Tun Presenda and Telmi Martina May, among others.

Puc Novelo says that participants need to understand the issues of the town such as garbage collection, the operation of drainage and timely attention to lags in the water service, aspects of which the community has suffered.

“The issue of social development is also important to prevent crime and negative situations for the community because Puerto Aventuras is not yet at high levels of insecurity, which is why we must safeguard it with social services and work in the social fabric. It is something that whomever becomes delegate will have to pay close attention to,” he added.