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Public servants of Solidaridad updated on Zofemat beach rules

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Plans are being made to better train public servants about rules of the Federal Maritime Zone (Zofemat) after a couple was asked to leave a public beach area.

This is not the first time a hotel has attempted to privatize the beach area outside its establishment, nor is it the first time locals have been asked to leave a concession area of a public beach.

Gustavo Maldonado Saldaña of the commission of tourism and ecology acknowledged that there is regulation ignorance by a considerable sector of public servants. This has led to plans of a workshop for municipal police who will be taught the regulations of Zofemat.

“Public security can only stop a citizen if they are causing a disorder, no more. In addition to sending a memorandum to the concessionaires about the beach regulations, they will also be given a workshop to ensure they understand as officials,” said Maldonado Saldaña.

The announcement of the workshop came after a couple were asked to leave a beach area outside Le Reve Hotel at Xcalacoco beach in Playa del Carmen on Sunday. The pair were confronted by hotel-hired security as well as municipal police who threatened to arrest them if they did not leave.

The couple did leave the area and filed an official formal complaint with Hugo Uribe Nicolás, director of the Zofemat, who agrees that there is a lack of knowledge on the part of security personnel and municipal police about the rules of the beach.

According to the Regulation for the Use of the Territorial Sea, Waterways, Beach, Federal Maritime Zone and Land, although hotels pay for the exploitation of the beach in front of their properties, they have no rights to the property.