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Public servants kept busy as rains soak region

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — The municipality of Puerto Morelos has seen public service officials kept busy as rains continued to soak the region over the weekend.

Municipal president Laura Fernandez Piña says that public service officials have worked continually to ensure cleaning of the streets and avenues, as well as the absorption wells to streamline drainage, in addition to providing citizens with the support they required during the heavy rains.

Due to these actions and diverse attention to the absorption wells, the accumulation of water in the roads has been draining more quickly.

“The permanent maintenance of the rainwater drainage system and the daily removal of waste in the streets to avoid obstructions in the sewers is part of the actions taken by the municipal government in the area of public services to facilitate the inhabitants and tourists the vehicular traffic and pedestrian,” she said.

Director of Public Services, Luis Cardena Peña, said that they have been frequently maintaining the approximately 60 absorption wells that are in the municipality combined with the continuous cleaning of the more 100 traps. He also said they officials have removed more than 2,500 cubic meters of vegetative material which was the product of pruning prior to the wet weather arriving.

The coastal region from Cancun to Tulum has seen varying degrees of heavy rain, particularity over the past weekend as a low pressure system continued to produce disorganized showers and thunderstorms.