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Public security says Cancun police unit involved in fatal accident to be fully investigated

Cancun, Q.R. — The Ministry of Public Security says that the accident involving a state police unit that killed a worker in Cancun will be investigated in strict adherence to the law.

The accident occurred Wednesday afternoon when a state police truck and taxi collided on Avenida Oaxactun in Supermanzana 95. The impact sent the patrol unit into the direction of a home where a man was working outside at the time.

The man, who was knee-deep in a hole preparing to install a concrete fence, was hit by the police truck and died on scene.

The accident was reportedly the result of police responding to a Red Alert regarding the escape of an inmate at the Cancun prison, however, Alberto Capella Ibarra, state secretary of Public Security, says the escape report at the Benito Juárez Cereso was false.

Photo: la Policía Estatal

“The alleged riot in Benito Juarez Cereso is false. The emergency call corresponds to a situation of indiscipline with an inmate who was already controlled,” wrote Capella Ibarra on his Twitter account.

Capella Ibarra explained that authorities at Cereso de Cancún activated the Red Code after they realized that an inmate allegedly tried to flee. The rapid reaction by police was a consequence of the fact that, only a few days prior, an inmate did escaped during early morning hours.

Upon hearing the alert, members of the municipal and state police immediately moved to the area. Upon arrival, they were notified that everything was in order. However, state police agents of another responding patrol continued at full speed to the Cereso on Comalcalco Avenue where it collided with a taxi for allegedly failing to obey corresponding stop signs.