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Prototype of Trump’s border wall for end of October

A prototype of the wall Trump intends to build to separate the US from Mexico could be complete by the end of October.

Acting deputy commissioner of the US Customs and Border Protection, Ronald Vitiello, said construction of the prototype is expected to begin in a few weeks. Once finished, the prototype border wall will be tested for its anti-climbing ability, resistance to tampering and its penetrability of small tools as well as aesthetics.

“There’s a more holistic view here,” Vitiello said. “This is a much safer environment than what we’ve planned for before.”

Contractors will also be responsible for proving other features such as cameras, lighting and sensors. Joshua Wilson, spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council at San Diego says contractors for the wall will be responsible for providing their own security, however, since the wall will be built so close to the border, Border Patrol will be responsible for monitoring.

“There has been a lot of planning that’s gone into this,” Wilson said, adding that he couldn’t go into specifics. “All the appropriate measures are being taken.

“We’re looking forward to the construction of an improved physical barrier, and we’re quite interested to see what kind of innovation private industry is going to bring to the process,” adding, “It’s going to mean increased border security and enhanced public safety.”

Christian Ramirez, director of the Southern Border Communities Coalition has criticized the administration for pitching the wall so soon after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, saying other border issues such as sewage in the Tijuana River, would be a better use of the funding.