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Proposed boat shelter for Playa del Carmen would benefit 200 service providers

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Members of the tourist cooperative are hoping to be able to construct a shelter to protect boats during storms.

José Gómez Burgos, secretary of the tourist Cooperativa Mar Caribe, said that they have already had a meeting with legislators that would allow them to construct a boat shelter for protection during stormy weather.

Initially, the proposal has been requested for the CTM and beach, however, an Environmental Impact Manifestation (MIA) will need to be evaluated.

“There is a concern among all the comrades that provide different services about not having a place to shelter the boats, while at the same time, the issue of not being able to maneuver along the central streets in a way that does not cause traffic conflict, so we have chosen that part from the beach because there is not yet much competition.

“It was discussed Friday with Senator Marybel Villegas. Let’s see what the environmental authorities say,” said Gómez Burgos.

Gomez Burgos explained that in the northern area of the CTM, locally referred to as Chunzubul, is an important reef area, so to carry out a project of this type would require an approved MIA.

He added that during this municipal administration, there was a positive approach with authorities on the project, but it will be in the next administration where the idea will be more deeply thought out and possibly carried out.

The project would represent different sectors of water service providers from divers to fishermen. There are an estimated 200 boats that operate in and around Playa del Carmen.