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Proposal to eradicate dolphinariums met with resistance

Cancun, Q.R. — A proposal by Mexican PVEM political party to shut down dolphin aquariums has been attacked by a member of PAN political party.

A proposal by the Green Ecologist Party of Qunitana Roo (PVEM) to eliminate dolphin aquariums around the state has been attacked by National Action Party (PAN) member, Patricia Sanchez Carrillo.

The Green Ecologist Party of Mexico is requesting to have the General Law of Wildlife reformed to eradicate the confinement of marine mammals, specifically the dolphinariums. In defense of dolphinariums, Sanchez Carrillo published a video on her private social media networks arguing that six states in the country have dolphinariums and that the establishments are under the regulation of NOM for the capture and research of marine mammals.

“Yesterday, it was the circus animals, today, these members of the Ecologist Green go for the dolphins and for all the marine animals. That we can not allow. In six states of the Republic there are delfinarios all of which are governed under NOM-135. They intend to raise an initiative to have them released. These gentlemen want to open the door to death for these animals. I am against this initiative that only promotes the death of the dolphins and also of our beloved vaquita,” she said.

She argued that in Quintana Roo the dolphinariums are a great support for economic growth on which 2,700 direct and 13,000 indirect jobs depend.

“In Quintana Roo is a great strength because apart from everything dolphinariums support the economic growth of the state. More than  2,700 direct and 13,000 indirect jobs depend on the work that these men and animals share,” she explained.

“We can not allow these gentlemen to open the doors for dolphins to leave dolphinariums, especially those born in captivity, which have successfully reproduced. We can not allow it. We must stop them.”

The proposal to reform the General Law of Wildlife is supported by numerous congressmen who say that throughout the country there are 397 enclosed marine mammals, of which 81 percent are dolphins with the balance being whales, seals and sea lions.


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