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Property taxes likely see 7 percent increase for 2016

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – The municipal of Solidarity gears up for the 2016 property tax season that, according to officials, will see a 7 percent increase.

Gabriel Castro Cardenas, area manager, says that the municipal treasury of Solidarity is estimating a 7 percent property tax collection increase for 2016. He also says that discounts for paying property taxes early will also apply, similar to last year.

Those who make payment during the month of December will receive a 25 percent discount. He noted that during the period from December to February, more than 70 percent of people pay their property taxes.

Over 103,000 lots have been scanned with a new digital program and, for the first time, property tax payments will be able to be paid online. All of these new standards are part of the modernization of upgrades meant to benefit taxpayers. Additional information about taxes and online payments can be found on Municipio de Solidaridad.

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