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Promotion of Mexico tourism to fall onto global embassies as Tourism Council phased out

Cancun, Q.R. — El Consejo de Promoción Turística de México or the Tourism Council of Mexico is set to dissipate as part of the changes being made to the country’s tourism promotion scheme.

The Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico will be phased out as part of the changes that will be applied to the country’s tourism promotion, said Luis Alegre Salazar, president of the Tourism Commission in the Chamber of Deputies.

Once the tourism council has been eliminated, its functions will be handed over to the global embassies. He says that despite the elimination of the tourism council, there will still be resources for promotion, but they will come from Ramo 21 of the federal budget, which will serve as an umbrella for investments.

He explained that until now, those resources came from the collection of the Non Resident Right that are charged to international tourist who enter the country by air. That collection amounts to 8 billion peso annually of which 10 percent went to the National Fund for Tourism Promotion.

About 20 percent went to the National Institute of Migration while the remaining 70 percent was used by El Consejo de Promoción Turística de México (CPTM).

Luis Alegre Salazar, Chamber of Deputies

Alegre Salazar said that in round numbers, the annual resources that went to promotion spending amounted to approximately 5 billion peso, which covered expense of the different representative offices of the CPTM in the main tourism markets for Mexico.

“Basically the offices of the CPTM abroad, whose functions will now go to the embassies, had been carrying out a work of market intelligence, that is to say, they were reporting the situation of the different markets in order to offer the hiring tools for tourism promotion specific to each country,” he explained.

Under the new budget scheme, the programs for tourism promotion and investments required by the country will be subdivided, but without the figure of the CPTM as a specialized body in the promotional work of Mexico.

“The promotion of the country will continue, but with a more efficient spending, taking advantage of the embassies of Mexico around the world,” he noted.

Cristina Alcayaga Núñez, vice president of the National Tourism Business Council, said that “one should not be thinking about the state supplying this spending on promotion,” adding that “for years, the CPTM has worked well and we do not see the need to change this function that is so important for the country.”

Alegre Salazar says that the change is due to re-engineering by the Andrés Manuel López Obrador administration.