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Profeco suspends the operation two used car lots

Playa del Carmen, Q.R — Two used car lots in Playa del Carmen have been suspended for not complying with consumer rules.

Marisol Huitrón Rangel, head of Profeco Solidarity, reported that the Federal Attorney’s Office of the Consumer (PROFECO) placed suspension stamps on two used car lots. One lot was suspended when managers refused to comply with municipality policy of having advertised public prices. The second used car lot was suspended for not using contracts approved by Profeco.

State laws indicate that these types of businesses must have contracts that specify the terms and conditions of the sale or consignment, show the specification of the vehicle, clearly describe the warranty and publically display a sticker price.

These irregularities are under the jurisdiction of the Federal Consumer Protection Law (LFPC) and Mexican Official Standards (NOM). The rules fall under the National Verification and Surveillance Program for Lots of Used Cars 2017, which has been implemented in several cities around the country.