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PRI continues to dominate political scene in state of Quintana Roo

CANCUN, Q. Roo.- After Mexico voted on June 7, official numbers being released by Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP) 2015 showed ‘Chanito Toledo’ and Remberto Estrada, PRI candidates, won the Q.R. riding.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto’s party retained its majority in Congress despite his falling approval ratings.

PRI candidate of the District 03 coalition and Ecologist Green Party of Mexico, Remberto Estraba Barba, came to celebrate the lead in the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP). The celebration was held in the premises of the PRI Benito Juarez which was attended by members of his campaign team, party leaders and supporters.

Jose Luis Toledo Medina, better known as ‘Chanito Toledo’, candidate of District 01, was also deemed electoral winner of the elections and joined the celebrations in Cancun.

“From my house, the PRI, most importantly won Quintana Roo,” were the words of candidate Jose Luis Toledo.

The elections were marred by protests in some of the southern states where radical teachers angry at Pena Nieto’s education reforms burned ballot boxes in a failed bid to hinder the midterm vote.

National Electoral Institute president Lorenzo Cordova said that the overall election process was “positive” despite “incidents in certain areas.”

On election day voter turnout in the various areas of Quintana Roo showed an estimated participation of between 20 and 25 percent of the nominal list, according to a report from Coparmex. Those figures are down nearly 20 percent.

While all official votes have yet to be calculated PRI numbers continue to dominate Quintana Roo.

Shortly after the polls were closed, a first count showed PRI candidate Jose Luis Toledo Medina ahead with 42.97 percent of the votes followed by the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) with 16.69 percent.

According to data published in the PREP 2015, the contenders were as follows:

Fabiola Ballesteros of PAN: 7.38%

Jose Luis Toledo of PRI-PVEM: 42.97%

Sergio Flores Alarcon PRD: 4.92%

Miroslava Reguera the Labour Party: 1.64%

Olga Medina Citizen Movement: 3.14%

Gabriela Barquet of New Partnership: 4.28%

Salvador Vargas Morena Roses: 15.69%

Raquel Lopez with the Humanist Party: 3.52%

Joshua Nivardo Mena Social Meeting:4.14%

Unregistered candidates: 0.19%

Although official counts are still coming in, the National Action Party (PAN), led by Joel Moreno Espinoza reached 512 votes; the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), led by Iris Mora reached 348. Last place was occupied by Lorena Martinez Bellos, Labour Party with 115 votes. PRI took in 819 votes.

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