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Previous Borge director of port administrator for state arrested

Cancun, Q.R. — Ercé Barrón Barrera, who served as director of the Port Administration of Quintana Roo (Apiqroo) during the government of Roberto Borge Ángulo, was arrested Saturday in Tijuana, Baja California.

Through a press release, the Special Prosecutor in the Fight against Corruption stated that Ercé Barrón was arrested on Saturday morning at the bi-national bridge of the Tijuana-San Diego International Airport.

His arrest is part of the criminal proceedings opened for various irregularities detected during his management term under Borge Angulo. Barrón Barrera was also general treasurer of the state in the management of Félix González Canto, current senator.

After Borge Angulo’s administration, Barrón Barrera relocated to Mazatlan where he was named director of the Port Administration for Mazatlan, but was dismissed after the arrest of Borge in Panama.

Governor Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez said that this detention arises from various complaints and is now in the hands of prosecutors and judges.

“We will remain vigilant to collaborate with the institutions so that justice is done with full respect for the rights of those involved and the legal framework,” said the Governor.

The arrest was made in collaboration between prosecutors with an arrest warrant drawn by the judge of control of First Instance judicial district of Chetumal, Quintana Roo. The warrant led to an immigration alert and red notification by Interpol.

The Specialized Prosecutor, Rosaura Villanueva Arzápalo, said that elements of the Federal Migration Police gave notice to the PGR based in Tijuana to carry out the arrest and subsequent delivery of Barrón Barrera.

According to police authorities of the PGR and the Attorney General, Ercé Barrón is a key piece to finding the fiscal paradise Borge allegedly used to hide more than 11 billion peso that is yet to be legally accounted for from the state treasury.

Until July 15 of this year, Ercé Barrón worked in the port administration Mazatlán where he was discharged. On August 23, he was declared a fugitive from the law.