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Presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya says Quintana Roo best example of change

Cancun, Q.R. — Ricardo Anaya Cortés, pre-candidate for the Presidency for the Por México al Frente coalition, gave a speech in Cancun Sunday noting that “Quintana Roo is the best example of the change we can achieve for the whole country.”

In his first event in Cancun as a candidate for the coalition Por México al Frente of PAN, PRD and Movimiento Ciudadano (MC), Anaya attacked José Antonio Meade and Andrés Manuel López Obrador, naming the former as the candidate who joins with corrupt former officials.

Ricardo Anaya presented his message with slides and technical explanations saying that PRI presidential candidate José Antonio Meade was accompanied during his recent visit to Cancun by people like Gabriel Mendicuti Loría, ex Secretary of Government of Roberto Borge Angulo, who was arrested the next day for irregular performance of the public function in grievance of state assets for an amount of 534 million peso.

“I found out that the PRI candidate was here a few days ago and I learned many things. On the one hand Meade came to propose a great program to put an end to corruption, but at the event he was accompanied by a corrupt man who was Roberto Borge’s government secretary.

“Imagine you come to propose combating corruption but he comes accompanied by the secretary of Government of Borge that is in jail the next day,” he said.

“You believe that an honest man can be around the most corrupt people. That was the people closest to Roberto Borge. That is the incongruity of the politicians.”

Ricardo Anaya emphasized that Roberto Borge was imprisoned after the Pact of Impunity was broken that allowed the successor in the Gubernatura to conceal his predecessor, which ended with the arrival of Carlos Joaquín González as state governor for Quintana Roo.