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Presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya calls PRI “a real disaster”

Mexico City, Mexico — The PRI government “has been a real disaster”, says and criticizes the “absolute failure” in the security strategy.

For PAN candidate, Ricardo Anaya, the corruption case of former Governor Javier Duarte “will accompany the PRI because Duarte is from the PRI and because the PRI represents just the corruption of Javier Duarte, the most corrupt governor in the history of Mexico.

“The big difference, when the Front wins, is that the impunity pact is broken. Is that those who have committed acts of corruption end up in jail and return the stolen, that is the huge difference.

“That has only happened in Quintana Roo, where we won, in Chihuahua, where we won, and here in Veracruz, where we won. See the case of Coahuila, where the PRI wins what there is a pact of impunity, reward the corrupt even with charges, as has happened recently with Ruben Moreira. Where we win justice is done,” he said.

When accompanying the candidate to the government of Veracruz, Miguel Angel Yunes, Anaya said that “this PRI government at the federal level has been a real disaster, a disaster of corruption, a disaster of inefficiency, and we say it with the data, with the numbers in hand.

“Transparency International data, we do not say it, says Transparency International, today Mexico with these PRI governments occupies in bribery, in matters of corruption, the last place of all the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. Of that size has been the corruption of this federal PRI government, “he said.

“In terms of inequality, we are already the most unequal country of all the OECD countries, there is no longer a country where the gap, between those who have everything and those who have practically nothing, is bigger. The salary has been precarious, when people say I can not afford to support my family, people say it with absolute reason, “he said.

“Violence has increased practically throughout the country, has increased in 30 of the 32 states, is an absolute failure of the federal strategy of combating violence and combating crime. Faced with this absolutely painful reality, we are going to work to solve the problem,”added Anaya.