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Presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya asks Trump to protect Dreamers

Mexico City, Mexico — The pre-candidate of the coalition Por México al Frente Ricardo Anaya, asked the president of the United States, Donald Trump, to protect the dreamers and prevent their dreams from becoming a currency for calculations and political transactions.

In a YouTube video posted in English, he pointed out that all migrants deserve respect and their children also deserve protection.

“There are 35 million Mexicans and Mexican Americans in the United States, which is the equivalent of the entire population of Canada, but keep in mind that four out of five are US citizens or legal residents,” he said.

Anaya Cortés highlighted that the dreamers, young people who were taken by their parents to the United States while they were still children, grew up in the United States.

“It’s the place of your first memories, it’s your home,” he said.

Their situation arouses sympathy and a sense of solidarity in the hearts of the vast majority of Americans, to such an extent that the government of the United States created the program known as DACA, which allows them to remain in the United States,” he said.

He pointed out that today there is a danger that the DACA program will disappear and that more than 600,000 dreamers will be sent to Mexico.

He said that the political negotiations have turned that program, and the route toward the citizenship of the dreamers, into a simple matter of compromise. A quid pro quo to build an offensive and useless border wall.

The presidential candidate said that, with a 3,000 kilometer border, the national security of the United States depends directly on a stable and cooperative Mexico, not on a wall.

“Mr. President, you said in your State of the Union address that ‘Americans are also dreamers’. Let me say that the dreamers, these young men and women, are also Americans,” he said.

He asked the president to do the right thing.

“Do not use immigrants as an article of political commitment. Help them now and they will make you proud. Dreamers, you are not alone,” he concluded.