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Presidential candidate Meade speaks in Cancun, focuses on corruption

Cancun, Q.R. –The presidential candidate for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and Green Ecologist of Mexico (PVEM), José Antonio Meade Kuribreña, hinted that, after winning the elections on July 1, his principal fight will be against corruption and organized crime.

During his visit to Cancun, Meade addressed the public saying that “many of the challenges that the country has are rooted in corruption,” saying Mexico has a truncated National Anti-corruption System.

“We have to move toward the autonomy of the Federal Public Ministry, and that means we must move forward in approving the law that gives autonomy to the Prosecutor’s Office. Consequently, we would have to move forward in appointing the attorney general and anti-corruption, both fundamental figures for us to have certainty in the area of law enforcement.”

He said that he would propose a new agile model of justice to recover the assets of all criminals.

“We have to strengthen our jurisdictional framework and that is why we are proposing not only subject to process, but any resource and property where there is no clarity about its legal origin, not only that which is in its name, but also what is registered in the name of others, hence the importance of what I am proposing today.”

Meade Kuribreña said that the claim is the same. Fight against impunity and injustice, which is not only to imprison the corrupt, but to return what was stolen.

“Whoever can not explain the origin of their goods will lose them for the benefit of the obligations of the state.

“For this purpose, prosecutors specializing in combating corruption will be empowered to exercise the domain extinction in an agile, balanced and fair manner. The same tool will also allow recovering assets obtained for crimes such as drug trafficking and money laundering.”

He added that corrupt officials would be disabled from participating in public service and in selection processes, and senior government officials and deputies will be forced to certify patrimonial declarations and taxes. It is necessary to have consistency that keeps with the income of the officials.