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Presidential candidate Jose Meade gives speech on Mexico’s crime

Mexico City, Mexico — The pre-candidate of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) for the Presidency of Mexico, José Antonio Meade Kuribreña, warned in a recent speech that with criminals, there should be no dialogue only the language of the law.

“Insecurity is fought with better coordination, criminals do not recognize the boundaries between states, the law should not recognize them either. Fight crime with better coordination, with better investigation and fight crime with a deep conviction: the streets are for citizens and prisons for criminals,” said the candidate in a speech given in the capital of Coahuila.

Meade Kuribreña said that it is inadmissible to negotiate with those who have hurt the tranquility of the Mexican people. “We hear different voices and different proposals, there are those who say that we have to dialogue with criminals. I ask you, do we talk with the criminals? We do not! Do we talk with rapists? We do not! Do we talk with the kidnappers? We do not!”

The candidate of the PRI asked the public to carefully analyze the profiles of those who seek the Presidency of Mexico, to contrast their trajectory and experience.