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President elect requests support for creation of national guard

Mexico City, Mexico — In a public address, Andrés Manuel López Obrador requested the support of members of Mexico’s national defense in the creation of a National Guard.

Accompanied by General Salvador Cienfuegos, head of the Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional along with the Secretary of the Navy, Admiral Francisco Vidal Soberón, the president-elect explained that there is no coordination between the military forces and the federal police, adding this is the reason he is proposing the creation of a National Guard.

“The problem is that everyone acts on their own,” he said in he address. “On the one hand, the army, on the other the navy, the federal police, the ministerial police, the state police. Why do not we join together? If we have a national guard for public security, which is what we are proposing, we could unite to give peace and tranquility to our people.”

In his message at Military Field 1A of the Secretariat of National Defense, the future president summoned the members to face the violence that lives in Mexico.

“I come to summon them so that together in accordance with the constitution we can face the serious problem of insecurity and violence in our country.

“It is not only for the defense of the nation, but public security because that is what Mexicans need. I come to ask for your support, not to impose anything,” he said.

He explained that a constitutional reform was presented so that the national guard could be carried out and thus, deal with public security tasks. He did not rule out the possibility of a public consultation on a new security force.