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PRD pre-candidate Juan Vergara arrested

Chetumal, Quintana Roo — Juan Melquiades Vergara Fernández, former Secretary of Finance and Planning for the State of Quintana Roo and an external PRD candidate for a federal deputation, has been apprehended by Federal Police.

The arrest was made public by Alonso Israel Lira Sala, head of the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Investigation of Organized Crime, who at a press conference said that the officers obtained an arrest warrant from a district judge in the State of Mexico, where the former official was arrested.

As explained, the investigation began in September 2017, which derived from a complaint made by the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

Authorities discovered 13 companies that issued invoices for non-existent operations, claiming deductible expenses. The Special Prosecutor’s Office for Investigation of Organized Crime have accused Vergara of operations with resources of illegal origin.

The state leader of the PRD, Jorge Aguilar Osorio says that they do not know the content of the file by which the precandidate was arrested, but insisted that they trust that the detention has no political overtones and they hope that in the following days his legal situation will be clarified.

He added that the party continues with the process of pre-campaigns of the candidates for candidacies for municipal presidents, syndics, aldermen, federal deputies and senators.

PRD member, Haydé Saldaña, said that it generates a lot of suspicion to execute this sentence now, a case that existed months ago.

“It seems that the PRI government intends to stop a pre-candidate and a winning candidate,” he said adding that he trusted that Vergara can prove his innocence during which time, his party will continue to support him.

Through a statement, PAN said that it will remain attentive to the work of authorities.

The leader of the National Action Party in Quintana Roo, Juan Carlos Pallares, announced that although it is a business issue and not a government issue, the issue should not be linked to political dyes, adding he expects the authorities to carry out the relevant investigations without violating human rights.

“The work of the authorities is respectable and in PAN, we are the first to exhort transparency, but remember that until there is strong evidence he is presumed innocent.”

He added that it is up to the authorities to clarify the detention under the investigation folder indicated, while not having the conclusive evidence cannot be noted in the margin of corruption as a public servant.

“We will be attentive to the evolution of the legal process, and while authorities determine the legal process, we only hope that his human and political rights are respected.”